How Great Leaders Inspire Action by Simon Sinek

In Chapter 4: A thought-provoking TED Talk video of author Simon Sinek, titled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” elegantly speaks about the importance of the “why.” The title of this video could just as well have been “How Great Marketers Inspire Action.”

Empathy, Neurochemistry, and the Dramatic Arc

In Chapter 4: Fundraising research has found that people whose brain releases oxytocin are also more likely to give money to others.

For Good Movement Feel Good Story

In Chapter 8: An informal video, recorded on an iPad and uploaded to YouTube, of Vocal Majority performing for a boy wounded in a school shooting, and posted on Facebook and Twitter, is watched thousands of times in just a few days. Nothing was sold here—just the “feel good” story.


Interview “Behind-the-Curtain” for Upcoming Performance

In Chapter 8: A behind-the-scenes interview is watched by thousands so fans get something they don’t hear elsewhere. The video closes with a reminder of an upcoming performance. Again, nothing sold here—just insider information shared.

Let the Characters be Stars (140 of them!)

In Chapter 8: Let characters be stars: If you have multiple people in the story, creatively develop a delivery vehicle so everyone can participate. One crazy idea worked out well, about how to include over 140 people, including myself, in this video.

On That Day

In Chapter 8: The story dictates length: Many claim videos must be short. That’s not necessarily true. They must be tightly edited and move the story along. The final video in this series lasted 36 minutes.