Gary hennerberg

Gary hennerberg

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Gary Hennerberg is a veteran marketing professional, equally accomplished in the dual roles of copywriter/creative director and analytic consultant. He has created and overseen hundreds of marketing campaigns that have reached tens of millions of households and businesses around the world. He is in demand as a consultant, speaker, trainer and author.

Hennerberg has reinvented his skills multiple times in his career. As a former marketing and product manager, agency executive, and now an in-demand consultant, creative director, and trainer, he has successfully transferred traditional offline marketing principles to online media. He has been a marketing professional since 1978 and an independent marketing consultant and copywriter since 1992.

As a marketing turnaround consultant, he searches for new and incremental sales dollars for marketing organizations. With experience in cross-channel marketing, Hennerberg recommends the most effective and cost-efficient blend to generate sales. He is sought-after for his analysis skills and creative integration of websites, email, direct mail, content marketing, search marketing, retargeting and more. 

When he has followed the seven pathways in the mind, as detailed in Crack the Customer Mind Code, his work has resulted in sales increases of 15%, 35%, and even as high as 60%.  

Hennerberg is the author of “Reinventing Direct” for Today @ Target Marketing Magazine. He is also the author of Direct Marketing Quantified: The Knowledge is in the Numbers, and Urges, a memoir about his childhood growing up with hair pulling disorder.

He is the author of dozens of articles on marketing best practices, and has spoken at numerous conferences and events.

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