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When you need more customers, THIS is What You Do.

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Advertisers and marketers can find more customers using innovative advice from Crack the Customer Mind Code. This new book, with the step-by-step subtitle Seven Pathways from Head to Heart to YES! teaches businesses how to find more customers by aligning marketing and advertising with the natural flow of pathways through the human mind. This approach, researched and written by marketing analyst Gary Hennerberg, upends customary marketing and sales tactics by taking a deeper approach to why certain marketing campaigns work.

Hennerberg shows you how to align sales messaging with the natural flow of pathways through the primitive human mind. Each pathway passes from one area of the brain to another, stimulating thinking and emotion, leading prospective customers to say “Yes!” This approach upends customary marketing tactics and takes a deeper approach to more successful selling.

Need to mainline the seven pathways directly to a quick marketing turnaround? Hire the guy who wrote the book: Gary Hennerberg.

Hennerberg’s new book, Crack the Customer Mind Code, is now available here at or as a Kindle version here, and it's now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Chapters and Powell’s.

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